A Class Action Lawsuit Against Dollar General Motor Oil in the State of Texas

If you’re not happy with a product you’ve bought, you can get a full refund of your purchase within thirty days of purchase for a full refund, minus the shipping, postage, handling, and additional fees. Go Now. A representative of Dollar General LLC sued this company for selling outdated motor oil. Here’s what happened:

In 1999, a Dollar General oil filter exploded in a parked car.

The filter exploded because it contained a penny-salt solution that was overheated and exploded, releasing corrosive oil into the vehicle. This is how the term “bucket oil” came about. Dollar General LLC was aware that this type of oil, which was no longer manufactured by SAE, was dangerous and could be the cause of engine damage or fire. They were aware that consumers did not have legal rights to sue, and they knew that the sump pump manufacturer was liable for providing adequate warning about the hazards of using bucket oil.

According to the complaint, which you can find on the Internet, this caused severe and irreparable damage to the plaintiff’s car. The complaint further alleged that this resulted in thousands of dollars in medical expenses, as well as an inability to work and live comfortably. It also allegedly deceptively sold outdated motor oil which caused a battery drain. A class-action lawsuit was filed against this defendant but was dropped when the defendant settled out of court.

As you can see, the lawsuit was filed as a class-action lawsuit but settled out of court.

The plaintiffs were able to get their day in court and have their lawsuit resolved. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people who buy gasoline from Dollar General or any other company that sells discount motor oils. According to the attorney general of Texas, the reason that this occurs is that many companies deceptively mark up the price of motor oils to gain an advantage over their competitors. Attorney General Van De Kamp stated, “When a business attempts to use deceptive marketing practices to boost its sales, it puts the innocent consumer at risk.”

This attorney general has received calls from banks, credit unions, and oil refineries about this issue.

He says, “Many oil refineries are marking up motor oils to make it appear as if they are priced at wholesale prices when, in reality, they’re being sold at retail prices.” Attorney General Van De Kamp says that he is reviewing the complaints that have been filed in connection with this case. He expects to file charges against both the manufacturer of the oil and the seller of the outdated motor oils.

If you would like to join a class-action lawsuit such as the one brought by the state of Texas on behalf of consumers in this state, then please visit the Stop Diesel Oil and WD-40 Blog. You will learn more about how you can take advantage of a class-action lawsuit. You can also find out more about whether you qualify to join this class action lawsuit.

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