The Bunny World Foundation: Rescuing Buns and Battling Bunniesploitation

Imagine this: fluffy ears twitch, noses wiggle, and a chorus of contented binkiess fills the air. It’s a scene straight out of a bunny paradise, right? But for countless rabbits across the US, reality paints a bleaker picture. That’s where the Bunny World Foundation (BWF) hops in.

BWF, an all-volunteer, foster-based non-profit in Los Angeles, is more than just your average bunny rescue. They’re crusaders for rabbit welfare, tackling exploitation head-on through rescue, education, and yes, even a lawsuit or two.

Remember those adorable Easter bunnies bouncing around shopping malls? BWF exposes the dark underbelly of this industry, where rabbits are often bred in inhumane conditions, treated as disposable commodities, and discarded when the holiday hype fades. BWF steps in, scooping up these vulnerable buns, providing them with medical care and loving foster homes until they find their forever families.

But BWF doesn’t stop at fluffy cuddles. They’re vocal advocates for rabbit rights, lobbying for stricter animal welfare laws and educating the public about proper rabbit care. They’ve even taken their fight to the courtroom, suing a notorious pet store chain for alleged violations of the California Pet Breeder Act.

Think of BWF as the David to the Goliath of bunny exploitation. They may be small, but their passion and dedication are as big as their fluffy heroes’ ears. Their efforts have resonated across the country, inspiring countless others to join the fight for rabbit welfare.

So, what can you do?

Support BWF! Donate, volunteer, foster a bunny, or spread the word. Every action, big or small, helps them hop closer to their goal of a world where every bunny binkies with joy.
Educate yourself! Learn about proper rabbit care and responsible pet ownership. Share your knowledge with others and debunk myths about these misunderstood creatures.
Choose compassion! Opt for cruelty-free products and avoid supporting businesses that exploit animals.

By working together, we can create a world where every bunny has a chance to hop into a happy and healthy future. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference in a bunny’s life.


1. Is BWF a legitimate organization?

Absolutely! BWF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with a proven track record of rescuing and rehoming rabbits. You can find their official website here:

2. How can I volunteer or donate?

BWF welcomes all forms of support! Visit their website or social media pages to learn about volunteering opportunities and donation options.

3. What happened with the lawsuit?

The lawsuit against the pet store chain is ongoing. BWF remains committed to holding them accountable for any violations of animal welfare laws.

4. Can I adopt a bunny from BWF?

Of course! BWF is always looking for loving homes for their rescued rabbits. Visit their website to browse adoptable bunnies and learn about the adoption process.

5. Where can I learn more about proper rabbit care?

BWF offers a wealth of resources on their website and social media pages. You can also find helpful information from reputable animal welfare organizations like the House Rabbit Society:

6. How can I spread awareness about rabbit welfare?

Share BWF’s story with your friends and family. Follow them on social media and engage in conversations about responsible pet ownership and animal cruelty. Together, we can create a louder chorus of binkies for a brighter bunny future!


Bunny World Foundation website:

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