Calmini: Off-Road Dreams or Legal Nightmares

Imagine your lifted truck, tackling mountains with ease, a testament to your adventurous spirit. But what if that dream soured, replaced by frustration and empty promises? That’s the reality for some customers of Calmini, an off-road suspension company facing a hefty lawsuit from the Kern County District Attorney’s office.

The lawsuit, filed in June 2019, paints a stark picture. Customers allege Calmini, along with its affiliated business California Mini Truck, took their money for suspension kits and other parts, leaving them high and dry. No parts arrived, no refunds were issued, just radio silence from Bakersfield, California.

This isn’t just a handful of disgruntled customers. The DA’s office received numerous complaints, citing patterns of upfront payments swallowed by a black hole. Imagine saving for months, picturing your truck conquering the trails, only to be left with a lighter wallet and a trail of unanswered emails.

The DA isn’t mincing words. They’re accusing Calmini of “unfair and deceptive” practices, violating California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law. This isn’t just about disappointment; it’s about protecting consumers from companies preying on their passion for adventure.

So, what happened? The lawsuit is still ongoing, shrouded in legal intricacies. But the allegations raise serious concerns. Did Calmini intentionally mislead customers? Were they simply bad at managing orders? Whatever the reason, the consequences are real for those who trusted them with their hard-earned money.

This lawsuit serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering Calmini products. Before clicking “purchase,” do your research. Check online reviews, scour forums, and look for red flags. Remember, the off-road should be about freedom, not financial pitfalls.


Q: Is Calmini still in business?

A: Yes, Calmini’s website is still active, but their business practices remain under scrutiny.
Q: What should I do if I have a Calmini order dispute?

A: Contact the Kern County District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit and file a complaint.
Q: Are there other off-road suspension companies I can trust?

A: Yes, plenty of reputable companies exist. Do your research and choose one with a proven track record.
Q: Will I ever get my money back from Calmini?

A: The lawsuit’s outcome will determine this. Stay informed and follow the legal proceedings.
Q: Can I sue Calmini myself?

A: You have the right to consult with an attorney and explore legal options.
Q: Is this lawsuit an isolated incident?

A: Unfortunately, consumer complaints against automotive companies are not uncommon. Stay vigilant and protect yourself.

The little caution can go a long way in protecting your wallet and your off-road dreams. Choose wisely, research thoroughly, and enjoy the open road with peace of mind.


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