Caviness and Cates Lawsuit

Caviness and Cates’s lawsuit was resolved in 2021. A former employee, Lee Bracken, brought the suit against Global Domains, the owner of Caviness and Cates. He claimed that he was discriminated against and that the company retaliated against him for filing a complaint about his treatment.

Global Domains is an Internet web-hosting company. The complaint alleged discrimination because he had suggested that another female employee is promoted. Global Domains denied this. This became a cause celebre in the business community.

The owner of Caviness and Cates, Richard Cates, said that Bracken’s complaint was unfounded and that he would file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC does not usually settle employer-employee complaints, although it has been known to do so on rare occasions. The case ultimately went to court, and a three-day trial was held before a judge and jury. A three-judge federal panel upheld Bracken’s rights but the decision was appealed by Global.

Bracken eventually settled for a six-figure settlement. The company did not admit wrongdoing but agreed to cover all of his medical expenses related to the litigation. Global Domains later filed a suit against Bracken, claiming he had falsely accused them of discrimination.

Many people feel very strongly about the case. Some think it should have been thrown out. Others feel the case was already resolved. It may be up to an appeals court to decide.

The lesson? Don’t file a lawsuit if you are unsure of your innocence.

If you know there is likely to be some truth to the allegations, hire an attorney to check things out.

If you’re sure the case is valid, hire a lawyer and fight to get you compensation for your pain and suffering. There are two sides to every lawsuit, and there are many factors that go into whether or not a case can be won. These include evidence and witness accounts. In Caviness and Cates, it appears that witnesses were pressured to say negative things. Global, on the other hand, maintained that they were merely following proper procedures when checking a person’s background. They did admit that they did check with the BBB (Better business bureau) before hiring them.

There is any number of reasons why a lawsuit could be lost. Claims that rely on hearsay or “salad ware” are few and far between. Sometimes things get forgotten or overlooked. Even the best attorneys have a tough time overcoming bad data.

A successful lawsuit takes a lot of work.

Attorneys must put in a lot of time and effort to win. Sometimes it seems like it will never end. Keep in mind though, that if all else fails you always have the option of hiring an attorney to represent you. If that doesn’t work out, then at least you have someone who will fight for your rights. This is especially important if you’re a whistle blower.

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