How to Best Deal with Divorce and Family Law

There is no easy way to get through a divorce, but it’s possible to make the legal process easier on you, your partner, and the children. These tips from divorce and child custody lawyers and mediators can help:

Differentiate Needs from Wants

This sounds like a very simple statement, but most people go through a divorce very determined to get what they think is fair without giving much thought to what they actually need, want, and don’t want. This poses a big issue when negotiations take place.

Try this quick and easy exercise to figure out what you truly need and want. At the topmost part of a paper, draw three separate bowls and write ‘need,’ ‘want,’ and ‘let go’ in each one.

After which, start writing things down under each bowl. Be completely honest and critical about what you truly need and what you simply want. It will help you remain on track as you talk with your future ex-spouse and the lawyers about the divorce.

It’s also crucial that you think about what your husband or wife wants and the reason behind it. The more you know what motivates and drives your spouse, the easier it will be for you to decide what exactly you should ask and fight for with the help of a family law attorney.

Understand It Is Strictly Business from Now On

Marriage and divorce are both legal processes, even though you haven’t thought of them that way. Divorce, in particular, is more than just a case that involves a family law lawyer; it’s actually a lawsuit against someone you once loved or may still love.

It’s important to keep your emotions in check so you can handle the business parts of the case. Even though it’s important to recognize and talk about your feelings with the right people, you have to keep in mind that divorce is the legal process of dividing marital responsibilities and assets as per the state legislation.

Divorce laws can be different from one state to the next, and sometimes the implementation is even different from one county judge to another. That’s why it’s so important to know what your rights are and to fight for them.

Know the law and understand what a court can do. Focus on negotiating a divorce settlement in a way that gets you your most important divorce goals with ease and as much dignity as possible.

Prioritize the kids

Things can get nasty, most especially when you involve lawyers and courtrooms. Keep a positive environment and make an effort to do so around the children.

Various studies have shown that children who were exposed to the parental conflict are at risk of developing social and psychological problems. High stress can also make divorce a lot harder on you.

Consult with a good and reputable custody attorney and try to achieve a collaborative mediation or divorce rather than aiming towards litigation. This will not only reduce the negativity and nastiness, but you will also have more say with regard to decisions surrounding the divorce.

There’s less stress on you and the kids, and you’ll feel more empowered as you, and your future ex-spouse gets to “design” your own legal separation.


Although divorce puts an end to the marriage, it most definitely doesn’t end you, your future ex-spouse, and the children’s lives. The tips above can help ensure you handle the legal process with respect and compassion for all parties involved.

Utilize the resources you have to learn and understand family law and seek the expert help of a family law attorney in navigating the difficult process.

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