Poland Spring Class Action Lawsuit

The Poland Spring class action lawsuit has been filed in a California court because the company violated federal laws requiring it to use certain types of water when selling its flavored waters. The company argues that consumers want nutrient-rich beverages, but the government says it does not. Despite the lack of a scientific basis, the calorie-free drink contains a higher percentage of sugar than many other types of drinks.

The company behind the brand is now facing a class-action lawsuit claiming that the water they produce does not meet FDA standards for being spring water.

While Poland Spring water does contain a certain amount of natural mineral water, it is filtered and packaged to look like it is distilled, not purified. As a result, the water used in these drinks is not spring water. It is ordinary groundwater drilled from a swamp or a valley.

In 1993, Nestle began selling Poland Spring water to consumers. The company was found to have fabricated the water’s purity by mislabeling it as “100% natural spring water.” The fact that the water was obtained from eight unnatural wells in Maine does not qualify it as spring water. The manufacturer also failed to tell consumers that the natural spring water it uses is not a spring, which would prevent it from being sold in the United States.

Several countries have banned the use of Poland Spring as a natural source of water, as it uses artificial springs.

The company has denied the allegations but defended its practice as a matter of good faith. A jury trial will determine whether the brand is derived from a natural source. In the end, consumers will decide on the merits of the case, but there are many questions to be answered before the company settles.

A recent investigation has uncovered several companies that have been using fake springs for years. The Poland Spring lawsuit aims to stop the company from continuing to use such bogus springs in its products. Those who are not happy with this claim should consider their options. Until a settlement is reached, the case will proceed to trial. If the plaintiff wins the case, it may have to pay damages totaling up to $1 billion.

The Poland Spring class-action lawsuit was filed in a Connecticut court on May 2.

The lead Plaintiff, Brandy Oldrey, alleges that the bottled water sold by Nestle does not meet the FDA’s standards for being a true spring. As such, the plaintiffs allege that Nestle has misrepresented the water in its bottles to increase profits. The case is also likely to have a large impact on the industry’s bottom line.

A spokesperson for Nestle Waters North America, Inc., said that the lawsuit was a waste of time. The company has pleaded not guilty in the case and is continuing to fight it vigorously. The Poland spring water class action lawsuit is a sham. The company claimed that the water was natural and that it sourced it from eight springs in Maine. Ultimately, the plaintiffs did not obtain the benefits from this purportedly healthy water.

The Poland Spring class-action lawsuit was filed in 2003 in Connecticut.

During the trial, a jury found that the water contained in the bottled water did not meet the state’s standards. During the case, Nestle tried to settle the case, but the jury ruled in favor of the consumers. It has agreed to the settlement, and it will continue to fight the class action suit in the US district court.

The Poland spring class-action lawsuit claims that the water is not real spring water. The company has deceived the public for years by misrepresenting the source of its water as natural spring water. The case also alleges that the water is not safe for human consumption. It has also been sold as a “food and drug” and is dangerous. It is best to avoid these companies. They have a bad reputation for the products they sell.

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