Six Reasons You Should Join HCG Platinum Class Action Lawsuit

Weight is not just tied to overall health. It can also be inextricably linked to one’s sense of worth. While there are many helpful products to help with weight loss, there are many less reputable options as well.

Unfortunately, these less reputable options often present themselves as proven and safe solutions. This causes people to invest more than their money. They invest their hope. This is the case against HCG Platinum.

What Is HCG Platinum?

This weight-loss product is made with human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone that is found in the human placenta. When packaged as a weight-loss supplement, it is often advertised as a way to lose a pound or more per day. HCG is also linked to lower cholesterol in most marketing materials. Moreover, manufacturers claim that it is tested for safety and effectiveness.

These dramatic claims have made this product incredibly attractive. Consumers who strive to lose weight are understandably drawn to this product. However, many consumers have discovered that these claims simply do not hold up in practice. In a journey of weight loss, this kind of failure can be overwhelmingly detrimental.

What Is the Case Against HCG?

While some consumers may internalize the failure of such grandiose promises, the FDA and the FTC have been working on a case of their own. False claims about HCG date back for decades as many companies have tried to market it for weight loss. The effort to stop this kind of misleading and manipulative advertising came to a head in November 2011. At this time, the agencies sent out warning letters to major HCG manufacturers. This included Kevin Wright, the owner of the Platinum brand.

The letter cited the company for two reasons. First, the FDA argued that the HCG products were actually mislabeled drugs. Moreover, the FTC put forth the accusation that HCG weight-loss products were illegal since the claims of efficacy were not actually backed by scientific evidence. Even so, the marketing of this product continues. Since 2010, the company has earned more than $13 million. You might have seen these advertisements in Rite Aid, Walgreens and General Nutrition Corp.

Because of the case made by the FDA and FTC, there is a legal opening for consumers. Parker Waichman LLP is looking into a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who purchased this product. As the evidence is being gathered, claimants are being invited to join the case.

Why Should You Join?

A class action lawsuit is a special type of legal proceeding. In a normal lawsuit, one person makes a claim against another. When one party is a large corporation, it is nearly an impossible task to win. A class action lawsuit, therefore, allows numerous people to make the same claim. By pooling their efforts with a legal team, it is possible to make the claim more effective in court.

This is the nature of the case being pursued by Parker Waichman LLP. There seems to be sufficient evidence that the company has acted in bad faith. However, it is necessary to see how many consumers want to be a part of the process. If you have used the Platinum products, then you may wonder about your participation. While joining a lawsuit is a personal decision, here are six reasons why it can be the right call for you.

1. You Could Receive Compensation

The most obvious reason to consider joining the lawsuit is compensation. If you purchased the Platinum product, then you gave the company your money. Your money is hard-earned, and when you make a purchase, you have the right to know the product being sold is safe and legitimate. The fanciful claims made by Kevin Wright and his company have been documented as fraudulent. Yet, the product continued to be sold with alluring claims. At the very least, you deserve to get some or all of your money back.

2. You Can Hold the Company Accountable

You may not need the money you spent back. However, the idea of a company willfully taking advantage of you is distasteful. The Platinum weight-loss products targeted people at their lowest. When struggling to lose weight, having hope is important. A company that plays with that hope should not be allowed to continue unchecked. By taking part in the class-action lawsuit, you can play a part in creating necessary accountability for the company and its owner.

3. You Can Inspire Industry Change

The impact of a successful class-action lawsuit is often felt beyond the company itself. When a company is held accountable, the ramifications can impact the entire industry. This is especially important in the weight-loss industry. Weight-loss products are vast and varied, and the need for more oversight is clear. In order to keep companies responsible, there needs to be legal checks and balances. A lawsuit of this nature can provide this dynamic.

4. You Can Streamline Your Legal Case

If you have strong feelings about the misleading claims made by Platinum and its ownership, then you may have already considered a legal case. However, the cost and time involved with such an endeavor are daunting. A class-action lawsuit allows you to pursue legal action without any of those hassles. When you join a class-action lawsuit, your personal involvement is minimal. In short, you get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

5. You Can Get Closure

Your journey with weight loss is personal. You have probably had ups and downs. For many people, the journey is not over yet. Undoubtedly, the chapter that involved HCG Platinum was not one of the better parts. If you have endured emotional or physical distress with weight-loss products, then a class action lawsuit can help you come to terms with the fact that it is not your fault. This kind of closure can be very important to renewing your sense of self going forward.

6. You Can Protect Future Consumers

Ultimately, a class action lawsuit is not just about what happened to you. You will also make an impact on the next person. No one else should have to suffer from false claims about HCG. This allows you to support others in their weight-loss journey. If you help the case go forward, then you can provide hope for others.

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