Selene Finance Class Action Lawsuit

Selene Finance, a mortgage servicing company, has been making headlines recently due to a class action lawsuit filed against it. This article will dive deep into the details of the lawsuit, exploring its causes, implications for Selene Finance, and the lessons to be learned.

Background of Selene Finance

Selene Finance is a mortgage servicing company that has been operating since 2007. The company specializes in managing residential mortgage loans, particularly those in default or at risk of default.

Services provided by Selene Finance

The company offers various services, including loan modifications, short sales, and foreclosures. Their goal is to help borrowers find solutions that suit their financial situation while also protecting the interests of mortgage investors.

Growth and expansion

Despite being a relatively young company, Selene Finance has experienced significant growth. This can be attributed to the company’s ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the mortgage industry and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the market.

Causes of the Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit against Selene Finance has been initiated by a group of borrowers who claim that the company engaged in various forms of misconduct related to mortgage servicing.

Alleged mortgage servicing misconduct

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that Selene Finance mishandled their mortgage accounts by misapplying payments, charging excessive fees, and failing to provide accurate information regarding their loan balances.

Breach of contract

Some of the plaintiffs also claim that Selene Finance breached their contracts by not giving them the proper notice of default or offering them the opportunity to remedy their defaults as required by their mortgage agreements.

Unfair and deceptive practices

In addition to the alleged misconduct and breaches of contract, the plaintiffs accuse Selene Finance of engaging in unfair and deceptive practices, such as improperly initiating foreclosure proceedings and using aggressive collection tactics.

Plaintiffs Involved in the Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit against Selene Finance includes a diverse group of plaintiffs from across the United States, representing various backgrounds and financial situations. The common thread among these plaintiffs is their shared belief that Selene Finance’s alleged misconduct has caused them undue hardship and financial distress.

Implications for Selene’s Finance

The class action lawsuit against Selene Finance has serious implications for the company regarding financial consequences and reputational damage.

Financial consequences

If found liable for the plaintiffs’ claims, Selene Finance could be required to pay millions of dollars in damages and restitution. This would affect the company’s bottom line and its ability to secure future business.

Reputational damage

The allegations against Selene Finance have the potential to tarnish the company’s reputation, making it difficult for them to attract new clients and maintain relationships with existing ones. Trust is an essential component of the mortgage servicing industry, and the class action lawsuit could undermine the credibility and trustworthiness of Selene Finance.

Steps Taken by Selene Finance

In response to the class action lawsuit, Selene Finance has taken several steps to address the concerns raised by the plaintiffs and mitigate the potential damage to its reputation and business.


Selene Finance has reportedly been working towards reaching settlements with some of the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit. By reaching agreements and compensating affected borrowers, the company hopes to demonstrate its commitment to resolving the issues and moving forward more responsibly.

Improving customer relations

The company has also tried to improve its customer relations and servicing practices to prevent similar issues from arising. This includes enhancing communication channels, providing clearer information about loan balances, and ensuring that fees are transparent and reasonable.

Lessons Learned from the Selene Finance Class Action Lawsuit

The Selene Finance class action lawsuit serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, regulatory compliance, and maintaining high standards in the mortgage servicing industry.

Importance of transparency

The allegations against Selene Finance highlight the significance of being transparent with customers about their loan terms, balances, and fees. Mortgage servicers can build trust and avoid misunderstandings that could lead to legal disputes by fostering open communication and providing accurate information.

Regulatory compliance

Mortgage servicers must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to treat borrowers fairly and not engage in deceptive or predatory practices. The Selene Finance class action lawsuit underscores the need for mortgage servicers to remain compliant and vigilant in their operations to avoid costly litigation and reputational damage.


The Selene Finance class action lawsuit serves as a cautionary tale for mortgage servicing companies and emphasizes the importance of maintaining high standards of transparency, regulatory compliance, and customer service. The entire mortgage servicing industry can learn valuable lessons from the lawsuit, although it remains to be seen how it will impact Selene Finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Selene Finance?

Selene Finance is a mortgage servicing company specializing in managing residential mortgage loans, particularly those in default or at risk of default.

What are the allegations against Selene Finance in the class action lawsuit?

The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit allege that Selene Finance engaged in mortgage servicing misconduct, breach of contract, and unfair and deceptive practices.

Who are the plaintiffs in the Selene Finance class action lawsuit?

Selene Finance might be in big trouble if they’re proven guilty, risking financial losses, reputation damage, and serious consequences.

What are the potential consequences for Selene Finance if they are found liable in the class action lawsuit?

If Selene Finance is found guilty, it could be hit with millions in damages and damage its reputation, causing big trouble.

What lessons can be learned from the Selene Finance class action lawsuit?

The case highlights the importance of transparency, regulatory compliance, and maintaining high standards in the mortgage servicing industry to prevent legal disputes and protect borrowers and mortgage servicers.

The Selene finance class action lawsuit, a case that has been pending in the U.S. courts for almost two years, is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. What should we expect from this case? Why should you learn more about the Selene case?

The Selene finance class action lawsuit is an opportunity to obtain compensation for those who have become victims of fraudulent settlement loans that were not offered at all. This lawsuit represents the largest class action lawsuit ever filed in U.S. history, and it is on the verge of receiving a major breakthrough.

Selene Finance Class Action Lawsuit

Selene finance is a private company based in Chicago. It was started by Joseph Papp, a retired U.S. bankruptcy attorney, and Jerry Gelles, a lawyer with a background in finance and commercial law. In addition to their legal backgrounds, they also have extensive experience in commercial real estate, including properties that they purchased and properties that they financed.

Selene finances had a great deal of success financing real estate and other properties. They enjoyed strong client relations with their brokers and agents, who were happy to work with them. But eventually something went wrong. Many brokers and agents became victims of a fraud and had to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

Selene finances is well-known as one of the best and most successful companies in the business of financing properties. However, the problems began with a broker who was associated with Selene finance and who went through a series of financial problems.

He ended up having to sell his brokerage to another company that would not allow him to operate as a broker anymore. His name was removed from the company’s books, and he was no longer a member of the company, either. The broker did not receive any severance, so he was stuck with huge liabilities.

The lawsuit filed against Selene finance alleged that the company had misled borrowers and caused them to believe that they could qualify for a loan modification, when they really couldn’t. When the company was able to get these borrowers into a loan modification program, they did not offer them a good deal.

Instead, they demanded that the borrower must pay an upfront fee to the company before the bank offers to negotiate a loan modification. and settle the claims of those who actually qualified for loan modification.

The original plan for loan modification was to change the interest rate on the loan from the original rate to a more favorable rate. This was supposed to be beneficial for the borrower. When the company learned that the original plan was to lower the rates of the loan from an average rate of around eleven percent to nearly three percent, this forced them to change the original plan to a plan that would charge the borrower even more money to make their loan modifications possible.

In addition to charging the borrower, Selene finance also tried to charge fees to the broker and agent that were responsible for negotiating the original loan modifications. for the borrower.

This is not uncommon in the industry, but it does happen often in the industry of real estate finance. Most lenders will try to charge a percentage of the monthly payments to their borrowers, which can end up being very high. These fees are hidden and never mentioned during the loan modification negotiations between the borrower and the lender.

To add insult to injury, when the broker and agent to file a claim against Selene finance, they claim that the company failed to give them enough time to recover their lost fees. After the lawsuit, Selene finance offered to settle the claims for only about one third of the total. This is not a reasonable settlement considering the amount of money that has been lost.

The Selene finance case involved claims of breach of contract, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of warranty. Selene finance settled all the claims brought against it in 2020. It was ordered to pay its clients for the balance amount of the original loans plus legal fees and costs.

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  1. 1
    Perfecto Garcia

    I’m a victim of Selene Finance. Selene, did a fraudulent loan modification last year of October. I’m paying 9 percent interest on a sixty thousand loan. I signed the loan modification as a borrower and a mortgage borrower. I’ve asked them to add my name on loan so I can refinance with another bank.

    • 2
      Anthony Gomez

      My Name is Anthony Gomez, I am also a victim of Selene Finance, in very similar ways. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT me by calling or texting me at my number (786)314-2778 so we could discuss this further. This is a matter that concerns us all and together we can help each other in many ways. I received from Selene Finance various letters and statements with different payment amounts and unknown charges, especially corporate advance balance, different amounts on every letter and statement they are not consistent by huge differences. I don’t think they really know anything about my account. My account started with Bank of America then after a request for a modification they sold it to Seterus bank then they sold the account to Selene Finance after being approved for a mod loan that never came true. Every time I call Selene’s customer service line to make a payment they have no idea the correct amount to pay. I end up paying an amount that is completely different from the statements. And a lot more. I have all evidence, statements, and inconsistent letters needed for a lawsuit.

      Thank you!!

      • 3

        Hello. My name is Victoria. I am trying desperately to help my mother not lose our house to Selen Finance. I believe this company is in the business of fraud and property theft through misrepresentation.

        Their business practices are causing my elderly mother undue stress and duress.

        • 4
          Donnell Hicks

          Hello Victoria,
          I’m so sorry to hear your Mom is having problems with Selene Finance. I was able to help my Mother successfully get a settlement with them. Do you have Power of Attorney on her accounts and Finances. If you do that will force them to only contact you. You have to get everything in writing. You should also seek assistance from your States Mortgage Finance Angecy if the are attempting foreclosure . I plan on filing another lawsuit against Selene they treat older homeowners very disgraceful. I won’t back down until they change or go out of business. Shame on America for allowing these companies to stay in business.

      • 5

        Please contact me so we can all come together to fight against this company! I can not believe all of the people that has came forward with the same issues and nothing has been done!

        • 6

          Hello, I received a loan in 2015 however I explain to them that I felt on really hard times. And that I am still in hard times however when I spoke to them, they said they were said a while for the original known amount for 2600 dollars. I told her that I can make a payment of 200 today 02/23/2023 and the following month to 250. I told her by April I should be able to pay the rest of the amount that is due. She told me that now the price of a $2700 to pay I told her I cannot do that I could barely afford to pay the $2600. So if I can speak to you on this matter, that will be great. Thank you and have a great day.

      • 7

        I too have a similar story. Originally with Countrywide, then BofA, then Seterus, then Selene. BofA attorney, “failed” to turn a Cancel Foreclosure Sale Judge’s order to the county clerk, Bof A “conducted the sale”, “sold property mortgage security to Seterus, Judge ordered sale reversed, foreclosure dismissed, note returned cancelled to homeowner (me) but Seterus sold the Selene who processed a “loan Mod” for the original note amount. I had 7 years remaining on a 30 year 3.0% note. Now I am stuck with a 4.5% 40 year note…still in litigation 3 years later…They are also charging corporate advance fees and clain I am in default anew (They cant decide which I should be paying…old note and goofy unnecessary mod!) and want me to pay on both!!!

    • 9
      Kelly Gilliam-Sanarov

      I’m sorry to hear this. I’m losing everthing after my dad passed away on February 5, 2022. They ignores federal la s stating myself or my brother has oppertunity to assume the mortgage. The county sold the property out from under us for an excess of $60,000.00 over what what owes on the property. Also some dirty doings in the county locking my husband up again so as we wouldn’t have an income to assume the mortgage. Low and behold now that we have court on November 17, with acquisitions of criminal trespassing and and an eviction , my husband’s record has been cleared. That’s Greene county Ohio and I guess that’s how they treat Veterans of The United States Army. Again I’m sorry for your troubles.

  2. 11

    They have a pretty uncaring attitude. I am a 65 yr old female, a widow at that and was told that I had to sign the modification or lose my home. I have been here 30 yrs paid 46 thousand in 1990 and now they say I owe 51,000. All I can say is I would like to join class action suit. I also need a referral in Kansas for a real estate title attorney. That’s all I can say in this forum. Good luck to all.

    • 12
      Jerry Passehl

      I agree. Theyve done the same to me. 40 000 original note that I’ve paid off but they payoff money. Forged me to modification but I didnt sign. Although they charged me $4000 for modification. They found my money in a limited escrow. Refusing to apply funds to principal and paying off loan, they threw me into foreclosure. Loosing the hearing I ended up paying over 65000.00 to save my home. I want to join in a class action with others..selene are absolute crooks

  3. 17
    Geneva Houk

    Similar things happened to me was transferred to Selene Finance in 2015, after Bank Of America approved me for loan modification trail period, had only one month left and was notified Selene was new service. Went almost a year without loan modification being complete. And one day in 2016 I got a call from Selene stating they were unable to obtain the loan modification information and approval from Bank Of America and that I needed to call BOA and obtain it for them or they were going foreclose regardless that I had made payments on time without fail to them for the past year. I decided to call HAMP instead. This set off the worst reaction ever. HAMP called Selene and within days the loan modification was at my door. Bad situation just got worse. Selene stated that the HAMP program was no longer available (I found out too late that they lied). Then they stated that the lender had given me debt forgiveness of almost $30,000 that they were now adding back to my loan modification. I called them because there was no indication of the almost $30,000 anywhere on my statements and this was the first time I was even hearing about it. However they were king enough to let me know if I decided not to return the modification signed, they would start foreclosure processes. I was given no choice after $98,000 is what they stated my original loan amount was in 2008 (Whole new story there)…

    2008-2011 beginning no problems payments on time, BOA paid my annual tax I was behind on of $2300 and set up a escrow account for $5000 deficiency around May 2011 by August 2011 they added another $2500 or so making the deficiency over $7500 then demanded payment immediately needless to say Intent to Accelerate notices, then letters from some Trustee I had never heard of started sending notices of intent to forclose. Ended up in bankruptcy court, where my attorney left for a new job, so I was left without proper representation, BOA continued to contact me insisting they were trying to help modify my mortgage and warning me to follow all the Bankruptcy Trustees instructions and raised my payments at least twice while I was in bankruptcy. Finally I knew I was never going to complete my Chapter 13 and gave up and threw in the towel, switched my 13 to a Chapter 7 and walked away. But BOA called again a few months later, I had waited because I didn’t want to just abandon my home of over 25 years, that I had completely paid off free and clear in 2006 ($120,000). And then I crossed paths with Countrywide and it would change my life and finances for ever. But during this call I was told they didn’t have to except the house back and I was still liable…

    So from late 2013 to approx June or July 2015 they continued constantly requesting new applications and documents to modify the loan, then in 2015 I signed up for online access and almost immediately after I received an email from BOA stating I had been approved for loan modification 3 month trial. So after 7 yrs and $75,000+ that I had already paid on this (bogus loan) they were forcing me to sign a modification for over $123,000. Fast forward to December 2017…

    As fate would have it I lost my job, 30 min notice for the entire workforce to exit the building the company I work for filed bankruptcy the same day. So I call Selene and I am told the lender was no longer willing to work with me my only option was to pay a full payment plus another half payment to catch up on the payment I had missed less than 15 days before, so February 2018 I managed to scrape up enough for the 1st payment at almost $1300. I was only getting $320 a week on unemployment $1280, they didn’t care that I had told them I lost my job, I was looking desperately for more work and my unemployment was less each month than what they demanded. Was able to get new employment immediately.

    So they foreclosed, but my house didn’t sale on the court house steps, and they didn’t give me a chance to redeem had I been able to. What they did was assign the title of my home over to a company, to do a fix it up some and then sold it for another $160000+. Heartbroken and lost, I just found out there was a lien I wasn’t aware of in October 2008 for $75000 that Countrywide claimed they financed to another mortgage company to pay creditors so Countrywide and Recontrust filed the Reconveyance of Deed on a mortgage that was filed by another company made a $98000 loan to me and issued a check back to themselves for $75,000. Have not been able to get a list of creditors they claim were paid. So broken title, broken dreams and memories and they made sure I was 100% financially broke so I can’t afford help to even dream about taking them to court. There’s just no justice in it all!

  4. 18

    I would like to know what information I need to get started on this class action lawsuit. The story’s up above are so much like my story. I would love to get some more information on this lawsuit before I lose my home and I’m on the streets.

    • 20

      What information do I need to know if I should be a part of the law suit against Selene finance. I’m not real savey on all this mortgage stuff i just make my payments and pray no one is ripping me off. I bought home in 2008 was switched to BOA after big fall out then loan was switched over to Selene finance. These changes were made within me knowing really what was going on..i need a Buying a Home for dummies book.

    • 21
      Jerry Passehl

      I’m interested in joining a class action against selene also..I cant say enuf against these crooks. Call me 6415120857

    • 22
      Jerry Passehl

      I’m interested in joining a class action against selene also..I cant say enuf against these crooks. Call me 6415120857

      • 23

        I would like to join the law suite. Selene Finace are crooks. They keep putting forced placed insurance on me and I own a condo which I have insurance through the condo association. They do this to me every year for the last 6 years. This is my fourth time fighting with them to get out of foreclosure because they take my payments and put them in Escrow even though I have a non escrow account.

  5. 24
    Nalini Dube-Borzym

    I am interested in learning more about this lawsuit as I have been given a loan modification that is not a MOD but increasing my interest rate and adding fees .Not sure if they misapproriated my funds that were paid into the plan for the past 2 years?
    Need help

      • 29
        Carol Delsonno

        Yes I am a victim as well .I have been going through hell for a year with them . So yes i would like to speake to someone
        Carol Delsonno

    • 30

      Same story as the others,took my money instead of applying it where it was suppose to go,it went to corp,fees and they couldn’t tell me where the rest went.had repayment plan ,paid it off in a month 3days later said I owed sept Oct.well finally proved I had paid things are fine 2 days later recalled Oct and Never returned that money either almost 8000 in a months time lost my money,also cancelled bpo and said I cancelled it.. THEY DID!! Got proof of that as well.denied mod because I wouldn’t allow access to my interior of house(LIE) they did it just to string me along until they get get my home!! That’s just a beginning of the dirty tricks they pulled on me ,WHEN-truethey get away with it.PRETTY SCARY proof of their actions I HAVE ALL phone conversations for a year ,all receipts ,8 mods denied for no good intentions at all STRAIGHT OUT TO SCREW YOU OVER GOOD!!!

  6. 31
    Leroy Day jr

    I have the same problem with selene finance with a transfer from Rushmore loan management there sister company.
    Rushmore loan management is associated with selene finance and i had a bankruptcy chapter 7 that erased the back debt off the loan . Rushmore sells it to selene finance like I have not pay them anything and I pay Rushmore loan management over70000 dollars wasn’t accounted for when it went over to selene finance. They say I haven’t pay anything and want to foreclosed but i have ever receipt since I’ve been in the house selene finance tries to blame it on Rushmore loan management will not come fourth with the payments. And violating a chapter 7 discharge Rushmore loan management did.

  7. 32
    Sally Argona

    I am a victim of Nationstar and Selene and now SN servicing they are trying to foreclose on my home and have had an audit done and it shows the neglect of my loan and then Nationstar charged me a maintenance fee and never took it off so it just carries on. I would love to join the lawsuit as well.

  8. 34
    Joe Dean Cox

    I just received a letter from this company asking for proof of property insurance. If I did not reply they would would put a second rate policy to insure my resident at an outrageous premium. I had no choice 4 years ago other than to file chapter 13. That’s where they should have contacted my attorney and the Trustee. When I called I was told to identify myself and ask why. Then she stated they had purchased my loan from the existing company. I told her I was not made aware by my attorney and she stated that didn’t matter. When I explained about my chapter 13 she started transferring me to other departments. One lady stated she needed my SS number in order to look up my loan. Which I declined. Geez glad I found out how shady this company is. I owe very little and am worried that somehow they will pull a fast one once my case is released within the last 12 months.

  9. 36
    Mike Kolbet

    Need help foreclosed my house with no deed of trust in October of 2021 audit was done used as exibit A
    In complaint to court and still was evicted and now homeless!!!
    Please help

  10. 37
    Susan Morin

    Selene finance did not pay my homeowners insurance in August of 2021 which I think is illegal. They said my note was not escrowed which was incorrect. Ironically, my statements from Selene show I am paying escrow. At best Selene is a poorly run company. At worst, Selens is a fraudulent and criminal company. My mortgage was sold to Selene in July of 2021. Since then Selene has broken the law and lied to me. When I tried to work with them to correct the issues I was put on hold, transferred, and hung up on with no resolution. I am in the midst of this horrible experience and concerned about what will happen next.

  11. 39
    Janet V Williams

    I was with Bank of America around the 2012 and I didn’t even know it.They claim they sent me a letter but I never received one. I found out when I went to Bank of America to make a payment. I have to amounts on my statement $40.000.00 and $25.000.00 I been in my home for 21 years I should owe about $20.000.00 or less. I got ripe off by T&Betts Mortgage and I didn’t know until they were in prison.No-One got in touch with me about what was going on.I been in my home for 21 years now something is not right.

  12. 41
    E Jean Russell

    I have been trying for modification since January 2019. They have been dragging a resolve for months. Every time I send them documents they request, they tell me they didn’t receive them I had scanned and emailed them to the address that they gave me to use. This happened six different times. Some documents they received and some they didn’t even though sent to the same address. They mailed me a number of letters saying they denied my modification but requested more documents. Finally, a rude young man didn’t want to talk to me and suggested I mail my documents to them, certified return receipt. The letters they sent were from Ajia Laird, Loss Mitigation Department. But she would not speak to me when I called. Said she would call back tomorrow but never calls.

  13. 42
    Joshua D Meunier

    I as well feel that something very wrong is going on. I was offered and approved a permanent loan modification in a letter from my previous mortgage servicer 3 days prior to Selene Finance on December 3rd, 2021, then on December 6th, 2021, they took over my mortgage. According to the recent statement I received from them on January 31 2022 I’m due for 6 payments which are absolutely wrong according to the loan modification offer, I have sent numerous emails with photos of the documentation to them on top of phone calls inquiring about my account getting updated the response is always ” we are in receipt of the documentation and we have to honor that offer “, I haven’t received any returned communication from them at all. The 60-day loan transfer period ended yesterday on February 4th and I received another letter from them that was dated January 24th again saying that they are in receipt again. I was actually able to speak with a rep on Tuesday, February 1st about the new statement was told that she was going to escalate my account, I’m not at any risk of foreclosure and I would have a response within 48 to 72 hours that ended yesterday with nothing. I honestly feel that they are just giving me the runaround. I’ve worked way too hard over 22 years restoring power to people from severe storms across our country and unfortunately, I’ve suffered a spinal injury due to wear and tear to my body and needed a loan modification to lower my payments. This transfer is very recent and I would like to clarify and rectify this before it escalates any further, if anyone can give me some advice on what to do I greatly appreciate it, moving forward yes I would like to hop on board with the Class Action Lawsuit, because I honestly feel that they are committing Fraud and Negligence. Thank you to everyone and anyone who can help with my situation.

  14. 44
    Richard Allen

    I tried to get numerous loan mods through. They fought me every step of the way. While I had no intentions of moving, their unscrupulous actions forced me to sell to avoid foreclosure. I made a quarter million in profit. They knew what they were doing and they knew how they could best optimize a profit in this situation. I hope the worst for Selene.

  15. 45
    Diane l. SMITH

    Just for everyones information Selene is now a mortgage company. Imagine that. They have made alot of money off us debt slaves, not that anyone cares. I am the lady that has lived in my home 32 years paid $46,000.00 and now owe 51,000. Go figure. I have been in an out of court with them in Johnson County, KS. Had a fire in 2017 and they took all but about a tenth of the money. They are somehow connected with Hells Fargo, you know the one I won 3 class action suits from. That should atleast show I have just cause. I also noticed when they pay plaintiffs on a class action suit they use Rush, Consulting. It is rediculous the extremes the banks that we bailed out will go to, to defraud us some more with no conscquences,., I may give a try again anyone have there min #???? take care and be ware.

  16. 46
    Brenda Creed

    Selene Finance foreclosed on my home of 23 years all the while leading me to believe they where helpinge to do a loan modification!! Not evicted yet but it is coming!! Can someone please help me!! I am 60 years old!!

  17. 47
    Jatinder Hanspal

    Because Selene Finance mess my accounts so badly for a year and half telling me loan modification is in process later demanded all the funds and threatened to take over my property including deed. I had to declare bankruptcy to save my property and my business. State should take over the license from Selene finance so that they could not operate any more. my name be added in Class Action Lawsuit. My credit is damaged to ever and I am near retirement. Selene finance is a Bogus Company and be never allowed to operate in Mortgage selling business in USA including Texas..

  18. 48
    Paula Inman

    I’m also an ongoing victim with recorded proof of their negligence and lies. They owe me money from loosening cashed payments and messing up my credit report while I purposely made payments to them every month even when they said I didn’t have to until the modification was in place. Please help me 21494968xx

  19. 49

    They suddenly foreclosed my house and going to auction this coming Wednesday.
    I was negotiating with them about loan modification. Also, I was trying to dispute $1371 they charged for insurance. I faxed the insurance policy a few times, but they told me they haven’t received. In end of March, they told me to provide the insurance policy. April, I faxed the policy again and tried to tell them that I faxed the insurance policy again and kept asking to lower the interest rate. ( 5.375% I have ) I also made sure not to foreclose my house. All the representatives I talked told me they won’t foreclose. Then, they suddenly foreclosed my house. I asked them why? Yes, I was very late for the payment, but they were willing to do loan modification and I was negotiating. Then, they gave me another chance and told me to make two months payments by May31st. They told me to moneygram the money from Walmart. I made sure if they accept the payment even last day. They said they will take if I go to Walmart on May 31st. I went to Walmart (19340 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance ) to moneygram the money before 3pm but I was told that they only can do up to $500. I called Selene Finance and asked what to do. There was no supervisor and I was told to call back tomorrow morning. I kept asking if there’s any other way to make payment. She said wiring takes 24-48hours. I was never told about wiring before. All I was told was to send by moneygram from Walmart. I was on the phone for 40minutes. The representative just told me to call back next morning. I called next morning and asked a way to make payment. But I was told they won’t take payment anymore and they won’t stop the foreclosure process unless I pay reinstatement. Days later, they emailed me a reinstatement quote for a wrong person, Elizabeth in NY. Next day they sent me another quote and it says $90771. I could have stopped foreclosure 8 days ago if I was able to pay $4480 by May31 and I brought that money. I tried to dispute but the customer service blocked and rejected my email. Now my house is going to auction on June 16th. My sick cat and I don’t have any place to go. Please help!!!

  20. 50
    Justine Wadsack

    Everyone here needs to file with the:
    – CFPB
    – State Attorney General
    – US Attorney General

    I will be doing the same, as my mother died, left me her house through a Trust and now that they’ve bought the loan I’ve been paying for through Community Loan Servicing for the past 2+ years as the Trustee/Beneficiary, they say I don’t have authorization to discuss the account. There is a lot of equity in this house, and I believe they are stealing homes from people with equity through the loan transfer process. I could see this as a means to abuse the elderly and disadvantaged, and fear many will lose their homes to what they THINK is legitimate. Nothing about their practices or handling of a purchased mortgage makes sense. They told me they have a 60 day grace period where I don’t have to pay the mortgage, but won’t tell me my new account number or method of making my June 2022 payment. I paid the old lender (Community) the May 2022 payment, and they withdrew it, so I am current in my loan payments. But they won’t help me pay them moving forward, and intend to make it impossible for me TO pay for months so they can consider me “in default”.

    This is a racket.

    I would like to be included in the Class Action Lawsuit.
    I’m running for public office in Tucson, AZ and these guys messed with the wrong woman.

    • 51
      Justine Wadsack

      Also, my monthly payment went up without warning, or documented reason. Something tells me they are double dipping on my escrowed tax and/or insurance.

    • 52
      Tammy Bagot

      Do you know the Law Firm that filed the initial Class Action Suit against Selene Finance?

      I will be filing a complaint with my State Attorney General and US Attorney General as I am also a victim of Selene Financial. I have a huge problem with Selene Finance with a transfer from Rushmore Loan Management. Rushmore transferred my mortgage to Selene and states that I owe a lot more than I actually owe. I paid Rushmore Loan Management more money than Selene is giving my credit for. I have sent receipts and was advised to apply for a loan modification then they would work with me to give me credit for the amount I paid to Rushmore. I applied for the loan modification and was then denied and I have never received credit for the total amount I paid to Rushmore. Now they are starting foreclosure stating I am in default. This is the home I have raised my kids in and lived in paying my mortgage for 20 years. I had to file Chapter 13 in order to avoid foreclosure at no fault of mine. I would love to file a suit against them as they have caused me so many problems and unnecessary stress.

      • 53

        I had to file a chapter 13 also to save my house. I sent in numerous modifications they claim to have never received. I faxed and emailed them over and over. Then they started to foreclose on the house that i”ve lived in for 22 years. Worst company ever not sure why no one is investigating them for fraud and scammer customers.

  21. 54
    Tammy Schlotzhauer

    I am a victim of a loan modification and very high fees that have incurred in my
    Loan. I called for what was due on my account then called 3 weeks later and it was almost $5000 more. WTH they told me interest. That’s insane. Call me

  22. 55

    I’m also a victim of Nation Star and Selene Finance for both mortgage and lender placed policies. I want to join any class action suits concerning these companies.

  23. 57
    Diane Epps

    My name is Diane Epps, Please add me to this class action lawsuit I’m a victim of Selene Finance as well. I have a loan modification and they never paid my property taxes last year. I just want to refinance with a legitimate mortgage company they’re crooks!!!!!

  24. 58

    Please help!! I had a loan modification through BOA. They then had the loan manager through another company after the original modification had been approved. I was told that my ex husband needed to resign the new modification and he refused . The house then went into foreclosure. Now I have Selene finance saying I have an active mortgage with them. I have no idea where to go for help. It is destroying my credit. Please help!!

  25. 60
    Bertrand eric estrade

    I would and need to join selene lawsuit. Bertrand eric estrade. Texas . They just acquired loan from previous lender who acquired from chase…giving me runaround on loan mod ..I was originally supposed to put at end of loan with community loan servicing..was waiting on paperwork because they said I was approved….then next thing I know they said they no longer serviced selene…first thing when I looked up for ph # horror story after horror story 1 star rating most people said only cause was that you couldn’t give a zero star rating. Contact please

  26. 61
    Hope Clifton

    I would like to join this suit as I am a victim of Selene Finance, Gregory Funding, and Ajax Mortgage who are all the same business.

  27. 63
    Kari LaLonde

    I completed a trial Modification, received an approval letter. I signed a Modification Agreement and Fed Ex it back on time to my loan servicer. They sold the loan to Right Path Servicing who lost the Modification Agreement, then found it, but I continued to make the monthly payments in accordance with my Agreement for many months, then they sold my loan to Selene. For a couple of months they claimed to not have my loan information and couldnt take my payments, but asured me I have 60 days to make my payments during the loans transition. Then sent me another offer for another modification agreement at 7%. I am paying 2.75 now , I am not behind on payments. I fed ex my mortgage payments to them. They are not cashing the checks. I am holding the money in my account and still sending payments they are not cashing. I got an acceleration letter a couple days ago and have hired an attorney. I have written the CFPB and the state AG and still waiting a response. These people are crooks and thieves.

    • 64
      A. Guy

      This is close to my story as well. They play a game of kick the can with documents and Loan Modifications. All in order to get it into a sheriff’s sale.

  28. 65
    Vicki Crawford

    Selene also has had a scammer calling me about 3 years ago. They say they are from Selene with the similar messages or what others have stated. I lost $700.00 from these people. I called Selene when this first happened and asked if they had employees with names of Rowdy and Jason Wright explained what was going on. They stated no but wasn’t interested in any information. Currently these same people have called
    Me 3 times threatening to foreclose on my loan if I don’t call them back for a
    Modification. Well funny thing is I no longer have this corrupt company for 3 years
    Now. So what is left for me to do? Nothing I guess. Here is the number they have been calling me on (xxx) 735-3637 and this time it was a Jason Wright before it was a name of Rowdy.

  29. 66

    I would like to join any class action suit there is. I’ve been on disability since 2017 and NY HRA took a lien against my property, in exchange for paying my mortgage until I can return to work. Because of Covid, HRA lost many case workers, and got behind in the payments. In January HRA paid over $7,000 but the check was returned because by then they had added over $5,000 in lawyers’ and late fees, so they considered the money to be an unacceptable partial payment. I found out on March 4th 2023 that my property would be auctioned off 5 weeks later, on April 19th 2023. Had I not called to verify where I was at with the payments, I wouldn’t even have known about the auction! as of today, 03-13-2023, I still don’t know if I’ll soon be homeless or not.

    • 67
      Alan Coddington

      I am forewarning you that you will in fact be homeless if you don’t pay them exactly to the penny they provide you with an official reinstatement payoff statement that they receive at least 2 days prior to the sale date of your home. Been there, fought until the last minute I knew I would have to give them the $31,000 they were demanding. That amount should have been about $8,000. So I got to keep my house and lose everything else I owned to keep it

  30. 68
    A. Guy

    Selene was given an ‘exemption’ from certain regulations in the state of Oregon in order to expedite the foreclosure process and create additional homeless in Portland, presumably. The fact they were started by a Goldman alum speaks volumes on their ability to get ‘exemptions’.

  31. 69
    Alan Coddington

    I had a mortgage with shellpoint during pandemic I divorced fell ill and lost my business. I applied for a modification. I received a 1099c and a debt discharge. my balance was less than $25k also a letter stating they have no more interest in property and taxes and insurance now must be paid by me. I paid taxes then 2 yrs later I’m informed my house is going to auction.after some research I was informed selene is now holding my mortgage and without any knowledge of mine filed foreclosure in court and was awarded because I didn’t appear.. because I was unaware of this. Now after filing bankruptcy to stop sale I’m told they want $77k to get me current.. and I just received another 1099cfrom them saying $0 was forgiven . All this while they never served me or sent anything. Now I’m facing possibly losing my house again.. help someone. This has got to be illegal besides immoral.. what can I go to fight them?

  32. 70
    Nancy Nilles

    I have never seen such ill practices in my life. How can you be both a debt collector and hold someone’s mortgage? Now I am told y a friend that because of the escrow that you will be coming to me asking for a 4000.00 or 5000.00 payment all at one time. If I don’t have it then you will raise my 1600.00 monthly payment to 2100.00 a month. I want to join the class action suit for fraudulent activity.

  33. 71

    **** beware **** I have been receiving calls for 3 years from a Jason and Daniel representing “Selene Finance”. One guys name was Rowdy. I was with Selene at one time and received a call from these people stating they were Selene Finance and it was about a modification and to call them back or legal issues would start. Once fooled by them lost money. My mortgage has since for 3 years been sold. How every these people still
    Call me. The first time I called Selene let them know about these people, they denied knowing them until I told them that their number came up as Selene. I’ve filed a complaint and sent info to the FBI.

  34. 72
    Donna M Fisher

    What do I need to do to be included in lawsuit? They took my house in 2020, lies and deceptive practices. It would take me hours to type it all.

  35. 74
    Katrina Martin

    We are the victims of Selene unfair and deceptive banking for over a year, no time lines on modifications, dropped, five complete packages submitted at their advice. Refused to allow us to speak with point people, illegal acceleration letter after 30 days of missing a payment due to COVID. Contradictory information, a large evidentiary trail of misleading These people are out of control and apparently getting away with it. I have researched all the regulations to monitor disreputable Mortgage services and with us they are a handbook for unfair, unethical and deceptive practices.

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