The Benefits Of A Railroad Workers lawsuit

A recent news story from the Wall Street Journal highlighted two railroad workers who died in a collision with a cargo train in New York City. The incident was captured on video by a local news helicopter and it showed the Union Pacific Railroad employees walking in a circle near the tracks, motionless as they waited for the train to arrive. An off-duty locomotive employee, apparently unaware of the traffic, crossed the tracks and lost his life.

This lawsuit is one of many lawsuits filed against the Union Pacific Railroad in the last few months.

According to the Journal, attorneys representing the families of the deceased filed a claim against the company, charging that the company was responsible for the accident and that they are owed compensation for the loss of life. The lawyers in the case are seeking more than $1 million in damages. This case will go to court and we’ll follow it very closely.

In a related case, another train crew member suffered a heart attack and later died. The attorney handling this claim is also seeking monetary damages as well. While it’s not clear what caused his death, the investigators seem to comb through at least one accident-related fatality each week in the area.

Naturally, these victims’ families are grieving.

They are also wondering how a collision could happen on a job site, where trained railroad workers are working in safety. The answer to this question may lie in the National Transportation Safety Board. The agency is responsible for investigating any fatality or death involving a commercial transportation system. Its investigation requires collecting all of the evidence and consulting with local authorities, before issuing a report and finding the cause of the accident.

The claim in the New York case points out several obvious deficiencies in the way that the Union Pacific Railroad works. For example, the company has been cited in the past for ignoring warning signs about danger and creating dangerous conditions for its railroad workers. After observing these problems, Union Pacific finally formed an ergonomics task force to oversee its operations and make sure that employees are using equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Yet, despite this task force’s numerous recommendations, there have been numerous injuries leading to personal injury claims. The lawsuit filed by the families of the deceased claims that their loved ones died due to negligence on the part of the Union Pacific Railroad Workers’ Union.

For victims and their families, such a claim provides them with an opportunity to obtain compensation from the railroad workers’ Union.

Such cases are undoubtedly worth pursuing, but you should contact a qualified accident attorney to discuss your case in more detail. He will know just how to build a strong claim against the Union and how to secure an award that will make a huge difference in your family’s life. If you’re a victim of such an accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney immediately.

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