Coast to Coast Computer Products Class Action Lawsuit

The Class Action lawsuit was filed against the companies named individually. PC World, Compaq Computer, Compaq notebook, Gateway, and Sun are all named in the complaint. The complaint is asking for compensation for personal injuries, medical bills, and other damages. If you live in or near Orange County, many lawyers specialize in this type of case, such as Dr. Aaron Benjamins, PC World LLC, and attorney Michael Sears. These are just three attorneys that can help you win your lawsuit if you have been injured through defects in the personal computer or consumer electronics industry.

Some people call these lawsuits “PC Vendors vs. Computer Products Manufacturers.”

This class action was originally brought forth by Dell Computer. There are now PC makers like Acer, HP, and Toshiba that are named in the class action. The original complaint says that computer hardware and other computer accessories caused a wide range of problems including, but not limited to, hearing loss, permanent damage to hearing, headaches, neck pain, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. This was later expanded upon in a class-action suit filed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) against major computer and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Some computer manufacturers were accused of falsely advertising claims of extreme reliability, long battery lives, and the ability to run endless tests without running them. Some were also accused of having false claims that their computer products would run all applications at all times. PC manufacturers, such as Dell, Apple, Toshiba, and HP have all been named in class action lawsuits. The class-action lawsuit also went after computer accessories such as printers, scanners, disk drives, etc.

The class-action lawsuit has named several corporations, including Best Buy Co. and Microsoft, saying that they knew or should have known about the increased reliability of computer components when they released their products. Best Buy is a unit of Sears. Microsoft is a unit of Microsoft Corporation, and both are named in the class action suit. In addition to these companies, other manufacturers that have been named in the suit are Pinnacle PC, Logitech, Sun Microsystems, Creative Labs, E Machines, iBooks, and Intuit.

The class-action lawsuit was initiated on behalf of all consumers who purchased computer products from these companies between May 1996 and June 1998.

As a class, the plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages for their alleged losses, the costs of medical care due to extended battery lives, and they seek to recover lost wages as well as future medical care due to ailments obtained from using improperly manufactured computers and accessories. Computers and other computer accessories are a crucial part of personal, business, and educational activities. There are many different computer brands and models available on the market today. These brands and models are manufactured by well-known computer manufacturers such as Dell, Apple, Compaq, Toshiba, HP, and Sun Microsystems.

Batteries play an integral role in the operation of computers. Without computers, we would not be able to maintain our everyday lives or do the things that are required of us. Most personal computers come with some type of battery installed in them and most of the time these batteries will last between one and eight hours. However, sometimes the batteries in the computers will last much longer than this. Manufacturers of computers will usually recommend the replacement of the batteries within the first thirty days of purchase. If you do not replace the batteries in your computer soon, then you could be in danger of losing all of the data that is stored on your computer.

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