Nursing Home Care abuse

Improper Nursing Home Care

In the United States, nursing home neglect is a tragedy, yet it has become a very common theme nonetheless. This happens when residents of nursing homes do not receive adequate care and therefore suffer from physical and mental health problems.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 15.3% of complaints about elder abuse in nursing homes are due to neglect.

Many nursing homes do not respect residents and unfortunately, a staff in charge of the elderly does not care enough about them to provide them with decent care and attention.

Failure to meet the basic needs of nursing home residents is neglected and not always acceptable.

Neglect and abuse in a nursing home

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Many people think that nursing home abuse only describes physical harm, while neglect is also a form of abuse. Employees who willfully fail to care for residents will be held liable if their negligent actions result in injury or death.

In severe cases, even nursing home negligence can be detrimental. For example,the wrong dose of medications in older people can lead to life-threatening consequences.

What is the reason for the nursing home neglect

Incidents of neglect in nursing homes are often the result of understaffing. Employees who are stressed or overworked may not be able to provide quality care to keep residents healthy.

Common causes of stress for nurses are inadequate training and insufficient staff. Additionally, nursing homes may not conduct proper screening or background testing of their hired staff.

Unfortunately, nursing home staff shortages have long been a problem and will only get worse in the years to come. As of December 2020, 20% of all nursing homes in the United States are low-income, according to a public interest research report.

For its part, CBS news stated that nursing homes have long-term staff retention due to nursing pressures and low wages. The practice of involuntarily involving nursing homes does not require proper background checks or hiring people incapable of caring for others.

This can be dangerous and unsafe for the elderly. For example, those who have struggled with drug or alcohol abuse or who have abused themselves are more likely to be abusing others.

Non-professional nursing staff

Nursing homes may even hire ex-offenders who have not been rehabilitated to care for vulnerable older people.These practices are sloppy and can even extend to individual institutions and people who run large chains of nursing homes.

Even if new hires pass a background check, they may miss maintaining a nursing home if the nursing facility does not provide them with proper training. A nursing home in Wisconsin was closed after numerous reports of abuse, abuse and neglect, for example.

The report noted that employees did not receive even a minimal level of training to care for others. As a result, employees made medication errors and caused serious harm to residents in several different ways.

If you believe that your loved ones are being ignored, abused and mistreated, you have a choice. You can speak to the trusted staff at the nursing home or report your concerns to a personal injury professional.

Most common types of abuse in nursing homes

Nursing home negligence does not explicitly imply medical negligence. Nursing home care neglect can include:

  • Lack of medication when necessary.
  • Inadequate medical supervision for existing health problems (such as diabetes or dementia)
  • Older people with impaired mobility and irregular movements put them at risk for bed sores

Just for one report of infection, abuse and illness in 2018, a panel of judges ruled that a 72-year-old resident was seriously injured due to negligence and received more than US$ 1 million in compensation.

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