Lorain County Probate Court

What You Can Expect When Visiting The Lorain County Probate Court

The Ohio probate courts are located in the district office of Elyria, in the city of Elyria. This is the county seat for Lorain County, in Ohio. The Lorain county probate court is the only court in Elyria, which is open to the public. The courthouse is situated on the second floor of the Lorain county Justice Center.

Lorain County Probate Court

The courthouse is located in close proximity to the courthouse where the Probate Court is held. The courtroom is not accessible to the public. It is the only portion of this building where the public is not allowed to enter. This facility is used for hearings in the Probate Court, where a decision of the court may be made on an estate or will.

Public hearing

The public hearing at the courthouse is held in the public library. This location may hold a large audience and there are times when many people arrive at the same time. During this time the courtroom is not open to the public. The courthouse staff is available to make announcements, and answer any questions that may be asked by people attending the hearing. There may be times when many people show up to attend the hearing. The judge will begin the proceedings with a pre-hearing conference.

Hearing officer

During the hearing officer is assigned to the case. This person is the person who decides who will be granted a death certificate. This person is not the same as the death certificate. The person who gives the death certificate is called the witness. The witness can give an accurate and detailed description of the deceased’s death. The witnesses are required to be qualified to give this type of information. The witness may also be asked about some facts that are not required, such as the state of the deceased’s heart.


Witnesses are asked to answer questions about their personal information, such as the number of children they have, if they are married or not and if they have children. They may also be asked about the date they died. and the state of their health before they passed away. This information is needed by the judge to determine whether or not a death certificate should be issued.

If the case goes to court, the judge is expected to rule in favor of the estate of the deceased. If the case is not resolved the state of Ohio will appoint a person or agency to sell the assets of the deceased. The Probate Court then receives the money from the sale. This is what the public is not permitted to see. Anyone who is not related to the deceased or who has no legal claim to the assets may not receive a share of the sale.

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