Divorce Lawyers in Rochester and New York

For any family in which a divorce has been finalized, the thought of hiring the services of an attorney is always a step in the right direction. However, not all families have similar needs, or ones that are easily met by one’s Rochester NY divorce lawyers. Family law encompasses a host of issues that can make life difficult for even the calmest of people. In addition to personal divorce proceedings, these cases also deal with prenuptial agreements, child custody battles, and other such issues. Thus, hiring a competent lawyer is essential if one wants to be fully prepared for any of these proceedings.

The New York State Divorce Lawyers Association, or NYSDAA, is one such association that can guide a client in making contact with the right lawyer. “At The Cimino Law Firm, our clients can expect to receive the highest quality service while avoiding high-pressure sales pitches,” says Jay Cimino, a partner at The Cimino Law Firm. As such, clients are free to discuss the divorce process at any time with a lawyer that they feel would best meet their needs. At The Cimino Law Firm in Rochester, NY, clients are also encouraged to schedule a free phone consultation, during which a lawyer may be consulted to help them understand the divorce process better.

Another good source to find competent family law attorneys in Rochester and New York is the American Bar Association website. This website provides comprehensive information on the qualifications of attorneys in the state of New York, as well as helpful links to each state’s bar association’s website. The state of New York is home to a number of highly qualified family law attorneys, many of whom can be found on the ABA’s website. The state of New York also has a wide array of divorce lawyers available to handle cases across the board, including those who focus on family law. For anyone in search of a family lawyer, the New York State Bar Association’s website may be a good starting point.

For those that are interested in finding out more about family law in Rochester and New York, the New York State Bar Association website can provide valuable information. In addition to having a list of licensed family law attorneys in the state, the website offers useful information on New York employment law and New York corporate law. Both of these categories feature a list of certified attorneys, along with contact information. When in need of a divorce lawyer, it is helpful to have this information readily available.

A final source for competent family law attorneys in Rochester and New York is the American Bar Association website. Here, you can request a free phone consultation from a lawyer that meets your needs. During your free consultation, a professional family law attorney will discuss your case with you, explore your options, evaluate your personal circumstances, and prepare a comprehensive family law strategy on your behalf. During your consultation, you will be able to discuss all of your options, obtain a full overview of your situation, and determine whether or not you should proceed with your divorce.

Once you have chosen one or two divorce lawyers in Rochester and New York, you may want to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer as well. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you in obtaining the most affordable repayment terms on your debts. In fact, if you file for bankruptcy protection, your debts will be wiped out, leaving you with just one payment per month. Although there are negative aspects to filing for bankruptcy, such as a drastic change in your credit rating, hiring a local bankruptcy lawyer can help you get through the process with a fresh start. You may even find that these new financial resources will improve your overall quality of life!

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