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What is The Process of Making a Personal Injury Claim?

If you are looking to make a claim for a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, here we are going to briefly break down what that process is going to look like.

Here in New Haven, CT personal injury lawyers follow a very similar process as the rest of the country, because there are few aspects of this area of the law which change based on the location or state in which you are in.

Once you have found a good group of lawyers to work with, here is what the process is going to look like.

Working Out Responsibility

Even if you are convinced that the injury was caused because of someone else, the legal team is still going to need to assess this for themselves. They will take the details of the incident from you and then based on that they will identify who in fact was culpable.

Even if it is easy to spot that you weren’t at fault, they need to understand whether or not the guilty party was an individual or a company or organization.

Gathering Evidence

One of the reasons why people are encouraged to come forward as soon as possible after the event is that the evidence is going to be easier to obtain.

This is the first step in building a case and the legal team will look for witnesses, CCTV footage, and other pieces of evidence which can help them prove negligence.

Assessment of Injuries

Before the legal team is able to put a value on your case, they will first need to see what injuries you have sustained and how severe they may be.

In order to do this, they will lease with the medical team which has treated you, and this can include psychological assessments to find out how the injury has impacted you.

From this, they will then work out the amount of compensation that they are asking for.

Reaching a Settlement

It is usually the best approach to look to reach a settlement in these cases. The main reason is that it is a much easier and quicker process for all involved.

Your legal team will contact the team from the insurance company, and put forward some of the evidence that they have, as well as a financial amount that they are asking for.

Negotiations will then take place and if both you and your legal team is happy, they will then settle. If however, you are not happy, the case can still go to court.


And the final step of the process is to receive the payment for the compensation amount which has been agreed upon. Prior to receiving your money, the legal team will take their payment for their services, and the remainder of the money will then be paid directly to you.

It should be noted that you will not have to pay tax on this amount.

This is the general process that you will be looking at when you make a personal injury claim.

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