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Reasons You Should Always Use a Workplace Injury Lawyer After An Accident At Work

Each year there are hundreds of thousands of people who have an accident in the workplace and will look to claim compensation if they feel that it was not their fault.

In such a situation the victim of the injury doesn’t have to use a specialist lawyer to represent them, and they are perfectly entitled, under law, to represent themselves and submit a claim.

Whilst this is possible however, it is always a better idea to hire a workplace injury lawyer for this claim, and here is exactly why.

Simply Put

The best argument which we can make as to why you shouldn’t represent yourself is based on the statistics. We have seen from the last 10 years alone, that those who use a lawyer are 5 times more likely to win the case, and 9 times more likely to get the maximum settlement available.

Given that the purpose of submitting this kind of claim is to get the most compensation available, it makes perfect sense that you would use a legal expert for this kind of case.

Added Stress

Going through an accident at work, recuperating at home, and facing the financial fallout of the accident is a very tough experience and something which will be incredibly stressful.

The question is, why would you then look to add more stress to the situation and take on a legal case? This is something which is always best left to the experts and in doing so you are going to find that the case is completely stress-free.

After the initial consultation, there is very little for the client to do, which allows you to rest and recuperate and let the lawyers do their thing.

Speed of Resolution

It is always best for these cases to be submitted and resolved as quickly as possible. If the case drags on for a long time this could even hurt you financially as you are waiting for a resolution.

Again this is why you should use a law firm, who are very familiar with this kind of case and will get you results, fast.

Negotiating a Settlement

In the large majority of personal injury claims, they are settled out of court. Prior to the settlement being agreed, however, there will be some tough negotiations between the two legal teams.

The defense’s legal team will of course look to pay out as little as possible whilst the client’s legal team will be fighting for as much as they can get.

If you are acting on your own, you are not going to put yourself in a strong negotiating position and you could easily get low-balled with the offer. It is much better to leave this to a legal team that has the experience and which can get you the very best settlement available.

Given that the law firm will only take payment if you win, there really is no reason to ignore them and go at this alone.

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