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What Legal Action Needs to Be Taken Before Getting Married?

Getting married is a beautiful occasion, but it comes with some boring legal paperwork. To help your wedding day and eventual marriage go smoothly, check that you have met all legal requirements. Here are three of the main legal considerations you need to make before getting married.

Apply for Your Marriage License

Many consider marriage to be a romantic act. However, in the eyes of the state, it’s a legal act. That’s why you need to ensure that your marriage conforms to all legal requirements in the state where you live. That begins by securing a marriage license that allows the ceremony to occur.

This involves proof that you’re eligible to marry. You must be old enough or have parental consent if you’re slightly too young. You must also check out a legally ordained professional to perform the ceremony. Get all the paperwork in place before the wedding.

Be Open About Your Debts

When a couple gets married, they take on each other’s debts. Therefore, you must be transparent about all your financial obligations before tying the knot. If you have any debts, don’t be embarrassed about them. Instead, make sure your partner knows so that you can agree about how to settle these outstanding debts.

In a divorce, these debts could be split 50/50 between each partner. If you have significantly more obligations than your other half, then they may want to sign a premarital agreement to prevent this from happening. Not disclosing this information is not only dishonest but could also be unlawful.

Sign a Premarital Agreement

Only around 5% of couples sign a premarital agreement, even though 50% of all marriages end in divorce. So even if you’re completely convinced that you’ll be with your partner until death, it’s worth signing this document. It’s just there as a safety net and doesn’t say anything about the love you have for your partner.

To help you with this task, hire an experienced premarital agreement attorney. They’ll make sure the process goes quickly and smoothly so that you get back to more fun aspects of wedding planning. A premarital agreement shouldn’t be a burden but can prevent much pain and heartache down the line.

Getting married will be the best thing you ever do. Don’t let the legal processes ruin it. Get on top of them early and get all the paperwork out the way so that you can enjoy the exciting planning that goes into your special wedding day. If you need support, reach out to an attorney who can help you organize any necessary contracts and get it all signed off and ready to go.

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