Red Light Cameras Make Drivers More Cautious

Do Red Light Cameras Make Drivers More Cautious?

Many people believe that red light cameras make drivers more cautious. This might be because drivers are afraid of getting a ticket or being caught on camera running a red light. Drivers might see a camera and choose to stop instead of speeding through a light. On the other hand, many drivers simply ignore these cameras and violate red light rules anyway. This is often due to the debate over whether or not red light camera tickets are valid and enforceable.

Either way, many municipalities – including Clearwater – use these cameras to catch motorists who may not otherwise obey traffic laws. However, do these cameras actually work? If you are involved in a red light accident, speak with our Clearwater car accident attorneys today.

What are Red Light Cameras?

Red light cameras are designed to record images of vehicles running red lights. The video footage is then reviewed by law enforcement personnel, who will then send a citation in the mail with details about a fine.

Nowadays, many people believe that these cameras were originally installed for safety reasons. It’s thought that the cameras scare drivers to help prevent red light crashes. These crashes can be serious and often involve broadside collisions or pedestrian accidents. This is why some think these cameras are a good idea to work as a deterrent towards reckless driving habits and serious resulting injuries.

Do Red Light Cameras Really Work?

In a recent year, reports indicate that 846 people died, and about 143,000 people were injured due to accidents caused by running red lights. One study showed that red light cameras reduced fatal red light accidents in major cities by 21 percent, which is significant. However, you cannot count on red light cameras to stop every driver or avoid every accident.

What if You Were Injured Due to Someone Running a Red Light?

If you were injured because someone ran a red light and caused the collision, there are some steps that should be taken to get compensation. It is important to identify who was at fault for your injury in order to make sure you hold the right party accountable.

You always want police to arrive on the scene, so they can issue citations or arrest drivers who violated the law. You can use a criminal or traffic conviction as evidence of liability for your injuries.

It is also possible to use a red light camera itself as evidence after an accident. Your attorney can work to obtain the footage, which should show the liable driver running the red light and crashing into you or your vehicle. Such concrete evidence of traffic violations and negligence can help your car accident case immensely. However, it is important to act quickly before the footage disappears.

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