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How to Help Your Lawyer During the Divorce Process

There are a lot of factors that can complicate your divorce, many of which are outside of your control. But one thing you can control and change is how you interact with your divorce lawyer throughout the procedures. Here are some of the things you can do as a client in order to help the divorce lawyer working on your case.

1. Start early

The sooner you start working with your lawyer, the better. If you know there’s a good chance you’ll be going through a divorce in the near future, look up divorce lawyers Bay Area and schedule a few consultations. This will help you prepare and get an initial sense of how the process is likely to go. It will also allow you to start building a relationship with your attorney early in the process.

Of course, not every married person gets the benefit of knowing ahead of time when a divorce is coming. But you can still start things off with the right foot by seeking legal advice as soon as your partner announces their intention to divorce you, or as soon as legal papers are served.

2. Be honest

Be as honest with your lawyer as possible, even if it is difficult. Divorces are often very emotional, and this can complicate the legal process in a variety of ways. But experienced divorce attorneys have seen it all when it comes to family drama, and as long as they know what problems are likely to emerge later in the process, they can help you navigate any and all issues.

So do your best to be honest and precise, especially when answering questions made by your lawyer. As their client you get the benefit of attorney-client confidentiality, so you don’t have to worry about your secrets getting out.

3. Work on your emotions

One poorly-timed emotional outburst can send weeks of your attorney’s negotiation efforts down the drain. Lawyers know this, and so they’ll do their best to help clients keep their cool during difficult divorce procedures. And you can help prevent issues yourself by working on your emotional health during this period.

What that means is up to you. Go to therapy, meditate, go to support groups, or watch a ton of reality TV — just engage with whatever helps you relax and unwind so you’ll be able to keep your cool until the divorce process is over.

4. Minimize hostilities

Constant conflict with your soon-to-be-former spouse will not make the divorce process any easier. It doesn’t matter who you believe is right or wrong in the story, try to keep your cool and stay as polite as possible in your spouse’s presence until the whole process is over. It will make your lawyer’s job much easier.

It’s also a good idea to avoid badmouthing your spouse in any forums where your words might reach them, as that can brew resentment. Venting is useful and important, but make sure the people you are venting to are discreet. Or express yourself in online support groups where you get to be anonymous.

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