Pedestrian Accident

What Evidence You Will Need After a Pedestrian Accident

Whenever there is an accident that involves a motor vehicle and a pedestrian there is of course a very high likelihood that there will be an injury. Thankfully with regards to the volume of these kinds of accidents that take place, they are very much in the minority when compared to other road accidents. Here in Buffalo NY pedestrian accident attorneys are much busier than other locations around the country, given the sheer number of pedestrians and vehicles which we have here. When such a case does come up, there are a number of factors which go into proving blame, all of which require supporting evidence. Here is the evidence which legal teams will look to get their hands on to support this kind of case.

CCTV Footage

The most powerful evidence which can be used in a case like this is undoubtedly CCTV footage. In a big city like New York, this is of course far easier to obtain, and often lawyers will be able to gather multiple pieces of footage which show the lead up to the accident and the accident itself. Unfortunately, however, these cases do not give the legal teams the power to obtain CCTV which a company doesn’t want to give up, and in other cases, CCTV is there as a preventative measure and doesn’t always record. If the footage is obtained however it can be incredibly powerful when it comes to proving fault.

Multiple Witnesses

Further compelling evidence comes in the form of witnesses, and the more that the legal team can find, the better. If multiple witnesses are able to corroborate the same series of events then it can also be a very strong aspect of the case for the prosecution. This again is something which is far from easy, however, as many witnesses don’t want to speak up, and fewer want to actually attend court and talk about what has happened. Getting one or two witnesses is about as good as it gets for a large number of lawyers in these kinds of trials.

Medical Accounts

Medical experts are also often brought in for these kinds of cases, to prove consequence rather than a fault. It is one thing for a victim of a pedestrian attack to say that they have aches and pains, or injuries throughout their body, but the court will need to hear this from the experts. Doctors who have treated the injured party will be used to give an account of the injuries sustained, and we will also see psychologists used to discuss the impacts which the event has had on the emotional and mental state of the victim.

Beyond these crucial pieces of evidence, the legal team will present photographs of where the event took place, and photos of the scene if they are able to obtain them. At the end of the day the more evidence which they are able to present, the stronger a case they will have.

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