Divorce Lawyers – “I Shave My Head Because I’m Bathetic”

“I shaved my head because I’m bipolar” is still ten years old on sugary 6, 2020! ten years later, it still sounds as though something about it should be changed, but no! The album was re-issued on a limited edition double album with slightly reworded cover art and a new interior to incorporate all the lyrics and everything else that came along during the making of the record. On top of all that, the original singer/songwriter of this song also contributed a new verse, bringing his contribution to the songwriting credits to three!

The title of “I Shaved My Head Because I’m Bathetic” comes from the perspective of a person who has been called cis-gendered (that is, someone who self-identifies as a male). When dysphoria begins to develop, this person feels like a man, even if they are physically a female. Unfortunately, this state of being does not last long; in many cases, dysphoria develops quickly, and the result is often an identity crisis for the transgendered (one which is only partly motivated by social or psychological factors). Many transgendered people try desperately to push past their gender dysphoria, but cannot do so for long periods of time, because doing so can have dire consequences; for instance, enduring the pain of gender dysphoria for six months or longer can significantly damage one’s mental well-being.

Therefore, for many, “I Shave My Head Because I’m Bathetic” makes perfect sense: on the surface, it is a song about someone undergoing a divorce, but the underneath layers of meaning reveals the struggles of a transgendered person trying to deal with his or her gender issues, or the challenges many divorce lawyers face when defending their clients who are in this situation. This is why many transgendered people who have gotten married or who have gotten involved in long-term relationships find solace in songs like this: it’s easy to connect with someone who is going through a divorce, especially if you understand what it means to be forced to choose between your humanity and your body. Transgendered people can be subjected to discrimination both legally and socially; transgendered people who are denied access to restrooms or who are fired from their jobs are two examples. The singer states that he knows all too well the toll that choosing to be a woman could take, but that he chooses to be himself anyway. This is a difficult decision for many people, and the lyrics offer a sort of counterpoint to their often difficult decisions; this is why “I Shave My Head Because I’m Bathetic” has become a sort of unifying principle for those who identify as either male or female, or want to be gender non-conforming.

For instance, the first line of the first verse points out that I am “no different than any girl who’s taken by a boy.” This may seem like a statement without meaning to anyone who hasn’t been told that they’re pretty, but for someone who feels like they’ve been passed over because they’re a woman, this is an excellent affirmation of self-worth. This is why “I Shave My Head Because I’m Bathetic” has become such a popular inspirational song for those who identify as either male or female: it shows the ways in which we can come to terms with ourselves, whether we decide we like who we are or not, and how to move forward despite external resistance.

It’s also worth noting that another important element to this song is the fear of appearances. As the couple contemplates their future together, the question is not so much what they’ll do as it is about what people will think of them once they get married. In some ways, this can be compared to the dissolution of a marriage; although obviously divorce lawyers won’t make any claims about the song’s influence on future marriages, the fear of public scrutiny is certainly something to which the couple is subject. This is why “I Shave My Head Because I’m Bathetic” offers a rare glimpse into the way in which some people deal with the process of divorce.

The song is undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek, but it does go to show just how much can be accomplished by going into a consultation only wearing your wedding dress (or whatever the dress code was when you got engaged). If nothing else, divorce lawyers should be encouraged to make their clients feel comfortable about the legal process they’ll be undergoing. By making a client feel silly about the situation at hand, a lawyer can highlight how the process is less dramatic than it may seem on the surface. This makes clients more willing to engage in negotiations with their divorce attorneys and can help towards a smooth and amicable divorce. After all, isn’t that really what a lawyer should strive to do?

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