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The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Membership in the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association entitles its members to certain benefits including discounts on CLE and legal conferences. The GTLA also conducts a political action committee, the Civil Justice PAC, to which Georgia residents can donate money. According to its mission statement, GTLA works “to defend the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia, to protect litigators and clients from harm, to assure access to courts for the people of the state, and to promote respect for the judicial process.” Additionally, lawyers who are certified by the American Bar Associations (ABA) have “the responsibility to develop programs to assist other lawyers in practice,” while those who participate in ABA’s national arbitration program “are responsible for their own representation.” The Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) has a mission to “promote ethical standards in the profession and increase access to justice.”

The Georgia State Bar Association has a rich and storied past, which traces its origins to 1833. Currently, its member offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia; New York, Georgia; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas. The bar association’s website describes its role as being “a link between attorneys and judges, representing the people of the state.” Among its past president are Georgia State Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Jr., Georgia State Attorney General Georgia Watt, and former Georgia Governor Mark Warner.

As defined, the goal of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association is to “provide education, to ensure compliance with the law and to provide lawyers with resources that help them to pursue their personal agenda and assist other attorneys in their areas of responsibility.” Members benefit from this membership. They benefit because they receive training on relevant topics such as trial basics, white collar criminal cases, trial preparation, effective courtroom strategies, research and litigation. They benefit because they may become more effective advocates for their clients when attorneys are fully aware of the intricacies of the Georgia penal code, the different roles of trial judges, the role of the jury in a trial, and other important Georgia trial lawyer facts. Members can become members of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association by paying a nominal annual fee.

Currently, the most widely used type of case referred to the GABA is a jury trial. This type of trial lawyers can be found all across the United States. Juries in some instances may refuse to hand down a guilty verdict because of lack of required information and resources to prove the defendant’s guilt. This is where the association comes into play.

A good example of a Georgia trial lawyer’s association is the Atlanta Journal-itarsium. The GABA has strong ties to both the Georgia State Bar Association and the Georgia District Attorney’s Association. Attorneys who take the course work associated with these two associations are considered competent and successful before the bench.

Criminal defense lawyers are always being scrutinized and it does not take a criminal defense attorney to be subjected to scrutiny. Trial lawyers are being scrutinized more because the justice system in America is increasingly unfair. The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association can help all Georgia criminal defense attorneys do a better job for their clients by making sure that the lawyers are properly trained and competent in all aspects of Georgia criminal law.

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